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Product design engineer
Position information
    Department: Development Center salary: Negotiable
    Working life: 3 years
    Recruitment: 2people
   Job categories: mechanical category
    Gender requirements: Male
    Age requirements: 25-34 years of education requirements: Bachelor degree or above
    Work: full time

Job description:
Under the leadership of the Ministry of development, has overall responsibility for the company new product research, design and development follow-up, the use of specialized knowledge and skills, tools and methods to make the project under limited resources or exceed the set of needs and expectations, to product planning and promote the project progress, place of work in Hefei and Wuhu.
Job requirements:
Bachelor degree or above, more than 3 years related working experience, basic knowledge of a three-dimensional software and a plane CAD software, familiar with plastic mold structure, understanding of plastic properties, mechanical and mechanical knowledge. Have solid theoretical foundation and technical working experience, can independently solve the issues related to product technology, basic grasp of the required design software and tools, able to independently accomplish the product planning, can independently complete the design review, with the ability of continuous learning and continuous innovation can force, strong sense of responsibility and good team management ability.
Work place: Wuhu City
Other treatment:
Salary negotiable, five insurance payments, double cease, overtime calculates additionally, at the end of the year award, the award of projects, such as, the factory car shuttle, free meal, enjoy statutory holidays and other inherent benefits, excellent salary negotiable.
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