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Hengxin branch held a meeting of all party members to carry out "two to learn to do a" study and education
On the morning of May 28, Wuhu Hengxin automobile inner decoration Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Branch all Party members and party activists held a meeting and learn to convey the party organization at the next higher level on carrying out "two to learn a" learning education work of the spirit of the document, interpretation of the company Party branch "on in all Party members to carry out" learning the party constitution of party compasses, series of speeches and do a qualified party member "learning and education work program", the collective learning the party's eighteen by the new party constitution.

Three aspects of consultant company secretary Wang from carry out the study and education to resolve the outstanding problems, study and education of the main contents and measures, study and education of the relevant requirements, answer the why to carry out the study and education and how to carry out the study and education, make us have a clear idea of the "learning and doing" meaning, purpose and requirements of the study and education. Know what to learn and what to do. Through learning and education, so that all Party members to further strengthen the ideals and beliefs, and further enhance the "Four Consciousness", in the production, work, study and social life play a vanguard role model.
Secretary Wang also leads everyone to collective study of the new party constitution, and according to the specific circumstances of the non-public enterprises Party organizations and Party members, focused on the content of the new party constitution were study and teach, so that all the comrades, to deepen the understanding of the new party constitution.
After the meeting, Party branch back to parties group distributed learning materials, requirements will focus on learning and self-study, discuss togeth
er, learn and do together, with both hands, both to promote, overall good learning and production.