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Hengxin Party branch is like to donate educational books

Company always adhere to the technical innovation, the independent development, in recent years in the research of automotive lightweight achieved major breakthrough, the successful development of front-end module, tail gate, etc. series of products to fill gaps in the domestic, to become the leader in the domestic lightweight design, research and development, production enterprises.

In the enterprise fast, high quality growth at the same time, the Group Chairman Zhao Yuxiu as the representative of all the staff, as always, pay attention to education, care for students, feedback to the community.

2016 May 19 morning, Ms. Group Chairman Zhao Yu Xiu, Wuhu Hengxin assistant bell Ms. line specially representative enterprise party branch, staff traveled to Fuyang City Linquan County Linquan Hengxin glorious elementary school donated more than 200 books of all kinds of books, and communication with students and patience, and encouraged to learn student to study hard, to broaden their horizons, know how to Thanksgiving parents, social return, do outstanding successors of socialism.