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Our company won the Anhui province "Provincial Enterprise Technology Ccenter"

        Early December 2016, the company won the Anhui Province, "the provincial enterprise technology center," the title. Enterprise Technology Center since the establishment of a high degree of emphasis on personnel training, and the introduction of high-end technical personnel for enterprises to upgrade the level of technology reserves the backbone of a strong R & D team to protect the enterprise product technology in the industry's leading edge; Of the continuous upgrading of enterprises also continue to increase research funding to ensure that business projects can be carried out smoothly. Company to technology as the core development so far, whether the technical content of products, or market performance, have aroused great concern in the industry, and has stabilized the forefront of domestic auto parts lightweight enterprises.

        The enterprise technology center that is not only the company has been affirmed the results, it is the future development of the company put forward higher requirements. Companies must always adhere to independent research and development, technological innovation, the development of ideas, and continuously enhance the technological level of enterprises, industry-led technology development, a total of a bright future for the industry.