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China's first automotive industry lightweight products - plastic tailgate
       Wuhu Hangxin Automobile Interiors Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a national hi-tech enterprise integrating R&D and manufacturing in independent front-end module, battery bracket, rear tailgate and other lightweight products.
      In recent years, the company in the automotive lightweight research has made a major breakthrough in the successful development of the automotive front-end module products, and become JAC, Geely Automobile front-end modules and other lightweight products, the exclusive supplier. The company has patents for inventions, utility model patents nearly 100. Plastic front-end module access to the "China Automotive Industry Science and Technology Award" and high-tech products in Anhui Province. With a number of well-known universities in product design, topology analysis, carbon fiber and other new materials applications, and many other aspects of close cooperation in the production, research and development and industrialization , In order to vigorously promote the domestic energy-saving lightweight energy-saving products, the early rapid occupation of the international high-end market.
      Recently, we developed the tailgate of the new-type automobile, which was developed successfully. This product is not only a major breakthrough on the road of light weight, but also filled the blank of domestic and foreign independent R & D plastic tailgate. Tailgate than the traditional tailgate in weight to lose weight on more than 40% of the vehicle lightweight, modular, energy saving has a very significant significance, there are a number of well-known brands at home and abroad car manufacturers to communicate with our company AC plastic tailgate project, and has reached a common development and manufacturing supply agreement.
      After the new car lightweight door after the listing, will further enhance the Hang Seng brand's overall quality and influence, and let Hanson company have sufficient confidence to join hands with the car manufacturers to promote the pace of China's car light of progress.