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Feeling from the HengXin Party Branch activity in early Autumn
        September 24, 2016, autumn, the Communist Party of China Wuhu Hang Shun Automotive Interior Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Party branch with the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank organized "for love to run" large-scale activities, around the Wuhu mountain park 5 km long-distance running, in this form of remembrance Sacred martyrs martyrs martyrs, and to commemorate the upcoming National Day.
       Today, we cherish the martyrs, is to inherit the martyrs of the behest of the martyrs as an example, the future, in the period of socialism with Chinese characteristics, from the perspective of reform, study hard, work hard, with the scientific concept of development to better build the motherland, Return to society.
       Looking at the moment, Wuhu Hang Shun Automotive Interior Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is the rapid rise of the period, all Hanson will be under the leadership of the company, solidarity, to create a better future Hang Shun a bright future!