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Sales Associate / Minister
Recruitment number: 1 people

Job description:
  1, abide by the regulations of the company, keep company secrets, protect the interests of the company.
  2, according to the company's development strategy to prepare the company's annual sales plan, according to the company's annual goal of the organization to the implementation of the monthly decomposition of the implementation of the necessary measures to ensure the implementation of the plan
  3, organization and sales department to carry out market research, for each target market segmentation and product positioning, and regularly prepare Market Research Report, general manager
  4, for different objectives, the development of appropriate policies and implementation strategies. To promote the development of the target market, to achieve the company's sales target
  5, the organization of the company's brand market development, the realization of the company's brand strategy.
  6, do a good job of internal and external information communication, to ensure the stability of the market share.
  7, improve the sales department's objectives and personnel management, Sales Department of the performance appraisal is responsible for.
  8, the completion of the tasks assigned by the superior leadership.
Recruitment conditions and requirements:
  1, the gender is not limited to the age of 45 - 30 years old
  2, college graduate, professional marketing or marketing is preferred, integrity, occupation and high moral accomplishment.
  8, more than 3 years of sales experience in the industry, of which more than 5 years of working experience in sales person in charge.
  4, familiar with the auto parts manufacturing industry market or the automotive industry resources is preferred, with a strong market sensitivity and ability to grasp.
  5, with strong communication skills, pressure resistance and negotiation skills.
Other available treatment:
  1, salary negotiable, the company provides a good platform for promotion.
  2, to buy insurance, provided free of charge working meal, provide transportation subsidies, birthday welfare, holiday costs, the end of the year award, field staff to provide free accommodation. The company has a sound welfare mechanism for all employees to do a good job security.
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