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Deputy Secretary / Minister
Position information
    Department: quality assurance department salary: Negotiable
    Working life: 8 years
    Recruitment: 1 people
    Job categories: Production / manufacturing class
    Gender requirements: no requirement
    Age requirements: 30-40 years of education requirements: Bachelor
    Work: full time
    Work address: Wuhu

Job description
Job description:
1, the establishment and implementation of the company's quality control system of the relevant standards and norms.
2, organize the formulation of the company's quality policy, the establishment of the company's internal quality system and the corresponding quality objectives, the development of quality control of the work flow and system, operating norms, supervision and inspection system to carry out
3, in accordance with the relevant national product quality requirements and combined with the actual situation of the company to develop the company's quality objectives, quality policy, and to develop the quality of the work plan
4, coordination of internal and external departments, and actively organize the operation and implementation of the quality management system
5, according to the actual situation of the company and the objective conditions of the certification system for the maintenance of the system
6, the establishment of the company's quality supervision and feedback mechanism to guide the quality control of the entire production process
7, according to the product quality standards to develop product quality requirements, the establishment of quality control points, operating procedures, monitoring the implementation of quality standards.
8, responsible for the on-site support and quality issues to resolve, regulate the quality of the dispute, the organization of major quality accident investigation and analysis.
9, with production department and other related departments to do communication and coordination work, to put forward the quality improvement measures, the proposed warranty CDO and supervise the implementation.
10, presided over the internal quality audit and external quality audit, organization tracking Department of the development and implementation of the rectification plan, tracking quality system improvement.
11, responsible for the guidance, management, supervision of subordinates in charge of the Department staff's business work, responsible for the Department staff in charge of employment, training, assessment and management, control department key personnel flow rate.
12. Other tasks assigned by the superior.
Job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in mechanical, material or related.
8, with the automotive parts manufacturing industry quality management more than 2 years working experience, more than 3 years of experience in the management of the department.
3, proficient in ISO/TS16949 quality management system.
4, familiar with ISO9001, ISO14001, OHS18001 management system.
5, familiar with APQP, PPAP, FMEA, SPC, MSA five major tools for the application.
6, familiar with 8D and QC seven gimmick.
7, with strong communication and coordination ability, analysis and problem solving skills.
8, have good writing skills and English reading comprehension ability.
Work place: Wuhu City
Other treatment:
Buy five insurance, free work meals, dormitories, car stickers, charges subsidies, seniority wages, bonuses, birthday cake. The company gives each working ability, the performance of the best staff to provide sufficient room for promotion..
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