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CAE Design Engineer
Position information 
    Department: Department salary: Negotiable
    Working life: 3 years
    Recruitment: 2 people
   Job categories: Production / manufacturing class
    Gender requirements: no requirement
    Age requirements: 25-34 years of education requirements: Bachelor
    Work: full time
    Work address: Wuhu City

Job description
Job description:
1, with a solid theoretical mechanics, material mechanics, elastic plastic mechanics, mechanical system dynamics, computational fluid dynamics, finite element theory and other theories of knowledge; skilled in the use of Hyperworks/cad doctor/Moldflow, skilled in the use of ABAQUS/ANSYS/Nastran a, best dual-purpose Ls-nyna; extraction of skilled, division of 2D and 3D mesh, and can protect beam collision analysis for static analysis, modal extraction, frequency response, the size of the legs, ribs and weight, mold flow analysis.
2, have English translation ability. Under the leadership of the development department, fully responsible for the company's new product CAE analysis. Can use specialized knowledge and skills, using statics, dynamics, thermodynamics, mold flow analysis CAE; at the front of the cabin reinforcement optimization and weight optimization; and material factory were CAE communication, physical experiment instruction.
Job requirements:
25-40 years of age, male, bachelor degree or above, mechanical CAE or injection molding CAE related professional, more than one year related work experience.
Work place: Wuhu City
Other treatment:
To buy insurance, provide working food freely, provide transportation subsidies, birthday welfare, holiday costs, the end of the year award, field staff to provide free accommodation. The company has a sound welfare mechanism for all employees to do a good job security.
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