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Purchasing Deputy / Minister
Recruitment number: 1 people
Job description:
1, according to the production plan and budget, combined with business orders, organize the preparation of procurement plans and budgets, and report to the leadership of the organization after the implementation of the examination and approval
2. Adjust the purchasing plan according to the actual situation of the sales plan and the actual situation of the production, ensure that the procurement task is completed on time.
3, organize market research, analysis, evaluation, to determine the procurement requirements and procurement opportunities
4, organize relevant personnel to negotiate with the selected suppliers, to reach a consensus after the signing of supply contracts and supervision. Supervise suppliers to fulfill the contract strictly
5, responsible for the supervision and management of the entire procurement process, ensure the timely procurement of materials
6, through a variety of effective means to establish, maintain, select, deal with the relationship between suppliers
7, guide and supervise the maintenance and update of the supplier's information.
8. Supervise and inspect the work of the Department and the implementation of the plan.
9, responsible for the Department of internal training, assessment and other work, the flow rate of key personnel control department
10, timely and efficient completion of other tasks assigned by superiors
Recruitment conditions and requirements:
1, the gender is not limited to the age of 45 - 30 years old
2, college graduate, professional marketing or marketing is preferred, integrity, occupation and high moral accomplishment.
8, more than 3 years of procurement management experience, more than 3 years of work experience in the procurement department.
4, with good communication, coordination and interpersonal skills; strong negotiation skills, independent analysis and problem-solving skills
5. Familiar with the latest knowledge of process management and material management at home and abroad, familiar with the bidding process and the company's production and operation plan.
6, have accepted the logistics management, production management, procurement negotiations and other aspects of training
7, with the procurement management, logistics management, information management and other aspects of knowledge
Other available treatment:
1, salary negotiable, the company provides a good platform for promotion.
2, to buy insurance, provided free of charge working meal, provide transportation subsidies, birthday welfare, holiday costs, the end of the year award, field staff to provide free accommodation. The company has a sound welfare mechanism for all employees to do a good job security.
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